Allow microfinance-loan repayment to be made by phone, reducing the costs involved with handling cash for effective access to loan and deposit services.

  • Peer to Peer Money Transfer via Number or QR code

  • Add Money to Wallet - From Net banking From Debit/Credit card

  • Merchant Payments and other Financial Services

  • Bill Payments

  • Interoperability with other wallets

  • Withdraw Money

For Consumer

  • Registration
  • User Management
  • Dashboard
  • Wallet Funding
  • QR Code based Peer to Peer Money Transfer
  • Withdrawal of Digital Money
  • Push Notifications / SMS Integrations
  • Payments
  • Integration with Banks / Gim-UMEA / Visa / MasterCard

For Merchant/POS

  • Registration
  • Wallet Funding
  • Commission Management
  • Integration with FDEA Accounts
  • Money Receipt
  • Reconciliation
  • Settlement
  • Transaction Reports

For Business

  • POS / Merchant Management
  • Bank Management
  • Commission Management
  • Loyalty & Cashback
  • Promotions Management
  • Analytics on Payments / Frauds Accounting
  • APIs for third party PSPs/Applications
  • Connect to the merchant accounts
  • Interoperability with other wallets

Five main reasons to consider Blu wallet

Lowest transaction cost

The Best one stop platform for all your digital payments

The Most Transparent, safe and incredibly convenient

The Best advanced data analytics and AI enabled

Price performance Leader


Lowest transaction

Transparent, safe and incredibly convenient

Reduction in the dependency on cash

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