Digital Finance For The Unbanked

100K Users. We serve over 100 thousand users who benefit from our digital banking products.

66 percent of Sub-Saharan Africans are listed as unbanked according to the World Bank


Sub-Saharan Africa is responsible for 46% of mobile money activity in the world.

We Drive Financial Inclusion Through Digital Banking & Mobile Money

Introducing the Infiniti Platform

The Infiniti platform is a modular digital finance platform that enable Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) to deploy unique fintech solutions:

  • Microcredit
  • Microsavings
  • Microinsurance
  • Mobile Money
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Savings Club (Tontine)

Infiniti plays a critical role in the efforts to reach financial access and full financial inclusion

What do we do
What do we do
What do we do
What do we do

Our Products


Mobile Wallet

Deploy your mobile wallet to drive financial inclusion.

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Enable microloan solutions and digital lending with Infiniti

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Tontine or Savings Club

Bring savers and borrowers on the same platform

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Digital Core Banking

Our DCB system is a mini core banking system for your institution

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Data Analytics

Enable a credit scoring or Big Data analytics solution

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AI-Powered Audio Banking

Reach more unbanked and nonliterate users with Amina, our AI Voice Assistant

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We Power An Inclusive Ecosystem

Infiniti enables digital, financial and gender inclusion:

  1. 100% of our users are from Africa’s informal sector
  2. We power the digital transformation of microfinance institutions
  3. We enable mobile money and digital lending for the unbanked
  4. Over 70% of our users are female micro-entrepreneurs
  5. We support nonliterate users with AI-Powered Audio Banking

Our Reach & Impact By 2025

Million Unbanked People Reached


Million Disbursed In Microloans

Digital Banking & Mobile Money Products

Our Team

Ali Diallo

Washington D.C.
  • White House Presidential Fellow
  • Top 50 Tech Visionary
  • Managing Partner, United+ Ventures
  • Co-Founder, United Global Capital
  • Fmr Global Programs Manager, MIT
  • Fmr Manager, Gannett

Raj Subramanian

New York
  • Fmr Director, Gartner
  • Fmr Manager, PwC
  • Founder of ECS, Inc
  • MBA, NYU Stern
  • Managed $700M Budget

Abdou Bachir Diagne

  • Co-Founder, Qanex
  • Banking Executive
  • Partner, United+
  • EMEA Expert
  • DesJardins Bank

Srini Narayanan

  • Fmr Mgr., Accenture
  • Co-Founder, Coralgrid (exit)
  • CTO, ECS, Inc
  • MBA, Arizona State Univ.
  • Data Scientist

Prince Abbas Bin Ali

  • Fmr Advisor, Jordanian General Intelligence
  • CEO Sadad Jordan (electronic payments)
  • Founder, Mada Communication Jordan
  • President, Jordanian Boxing Federation
  • Partner, United+

Arona Sy

  • Partner, United+ Ventures
  • Director, ESTEL Group
  • Africa-focused Investor
  • MIT Africa Collaborator

Todd Friedman

  • Co-Founder, Qanex
  • Global Investor
  • CSO, RTA
  • Co-Founder, MXO Group

We Are A United Labs Company

United Labs is a venture studio with:

  • 30 employees and venture partners
  • 7 countries of operations
  • 3 international offices including a headquarter in New York
  • 1 proprietary venture-building model
  • Plus more…

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